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When a crisis occurs, the need to respond is immediate
The crisis team needs to be mobilised, a plan of action to be developed and staff instructed on what to do. And it all needs to be done now!
And that is not all. The media, family members, customers, suppliers demand answers. And they want it now!
How are you going to manage this all by yourself?
Stop managing a crisis all by yourself. Use Crisis Situation Room
A cloud-based software solution to help you manage a crisis situation, from anywhere in the world, at anytime, from any device with just one Push of a Button.
Crisis Situation Room. How it will help you manage your next crisis:
  • Respond to a crisis within minutes from any device, from anywhere in the world with 1-click.
  • Notify and activate the most appropriate resources based on their actual location and availability.
  • Keep all stakeholders up-to-date with real-time information sent to any device.
  • Review the progress of each incident in real-time and adjust when situations change.
  • Test and audit crisis response procedures from anywhere in the world. 
  • Let the software do the work so you can concentrate on actually managing the crisis itself.
Crisis Situation Room. Powered by Respond!

Crisis Situation Room is powered by Respond, Europe's market leader in helping organisations to better respond to any crisis situation - no matter how big or small - through automated notification, crisis management and escalation software solutions.

Not sure whether your organisation is ready to manage a crisis situation? 
Try our free Crisis Ready Check for free to find out how ready you are.
The Crisis Department. Leadership Team
Tony Ridley
Crisis Management

Tony has over 25 years of experience in managing crisis situations.

Besides managing thousands of individual assistance cases, he managed major crises such as Bali Bombings (2001 & 2004), Mumbai Terror attacks (2008), Paris Terror attacks (2015) and many more.   

Based on this experience he has developed a revolutionary new method to manage any crisis, no matter how big or small, which has been adopted by The Crisis Department.

Click here to learn more about Tony's work.

Leesa Soulodre
Reputation Management

Leesa is a certified reputation manager and strategic advisor. 

Having consulted to more than 400 of the world's largest companies in 19 sectors across the world, she is Asia’s leading authority when it comes to reputation risk management.

Leesa integrates the disciplines of crisis, risk management, corporate governance and reputation management under a common reputation risk management framework.

Click here to learn more about Leesa's work.

Frank Doreleijers
Commercial Management

If Crisis had a name it probably would have been called Frank! 

Frank has 15 years of experience in helping organisations mitigating health & safety risks in developing markets. He realised there was a need for a new - integrated - approach to crisis management.  

So he founded The Crisis Department and the rest is history. He is also your "go-to" man to discuss how The Crisis Department can help your organisation better prepare and manage a crisis.

Feel free to contact him here

The Crisis Department. Powered by innovators

What is the Crisis Department? 

We are a panel of crisis and reputation risk management subject matter experts who recently collaborated to create a valuable business support platform and learning pathway called The Crisis Department. The Crisis Department is a culmination of all our collective advice, tips, tricks and best solutions on how to prepare and manage just about any crisis. 

What the crisis department is not? 

The Crisis Department is not an offer for expensive consulting that creates a template crisis plan, with no specific relevance to your business.

Instead, at the Crisis Department, we share knowledge, provide training, tools and resources so you can take full control yourself. We are here to support you, by putting you in the driver's seat.

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